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Laborde Law is a Paris-based law firm exclusively dedicated to international dispute settlement

We have exceptional expertise in investment arbitration. We also practice commercial arbitration, interstate disputes, and accessories to international arbitration, e.g. settlement negotiations and arbitration-related litigation. We also offer consultancy on international law issues.

Our goal is simple: to offer high-quality legal advice and representation in international arbitration at competitive rates, with the added benefits of a more flexible business structure and the more personable treatment of a boutique law firm. 

Who's Who Legal has recognised Gustavo Laborde, founder of Laborde Law, as one of the 15 "most highly regarded" international arbitration partners in Europe and the Middle East Area. He has been consistently ranked as one of the "world's highest ranked" international arbitration practitioners for the past three years. 

Our clients, both States and investors, have entrusted us with some of their most sensitive, high-stakes disputes. We currently handle international arbitrations with over USD 2 billion in dispute. 

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​Laborde Law will always act with the best interest of client at heart. We will go an extra mile to deliver on this commitment. This means vigorously representing the client's legal interests, offering advice on the best and most cost-effective solution, and only undertaking legal work that is truly necessary to assist the client. 


Our track record in formulating winning briefs and arguments and mastery of procedural issues is testament to the calibre of our work. We have a diverse team of lawyers with experience in varied sectors, enabling us to cater to the specific needs of your case. 

Laborde Law provides high quality of legal representation for complex international commercial arbitrations and investor-state arbitrations. Our commitment to quality, client interest and ethics, coupled with past performance makes us a good fit for your legal needs. 

We provide an assurance of excellent value for money. Laborde Law, in sum, offers exceptional legal representation at competitive rates. We also offer a complimentary first consultation to provide advice and guidance on matters relating to international arbitration and international dispute resolution. 

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Founding Partner​

The founder of the firm is Gustavo Laborde.


He has practiced international arbitration, ADR, and arbitration-related litigation for over 15 years with leading law firms and practitioners in New York, Geneva, and Paris. He is admitted to practice law in New York, Paris, and Buenos Aires; has worked in both common-law and civil-law jurisdictions; and has practiced law in five different languages. Over the span of his career, he has acted in over 40 international investment and commercial arbitrations hailing from the world over. 

He has acted as counsel, arbitrator and tribunal secretary under the aegis of most leading institutional rules  of ICSID, UNCITRAL, LCIA, ICC, SIAC, and DIAC. His extensive experience working closely with world-class arbitrators has imbued him with a fine legal sensitivity as to what arguments and strategies are likely to succeed or not. 

Earlier in his career, for more than ten years, Gustavo trained closely with, and was assistant to, some of the finest international arbitrators and arbitration counsels in the world. In Switzerland, he worked with Prof. Kaufman-Kohler and Dr Laurent Lévy; in France, with Prof. Emmanuel Gaillard; and since he founded his law firm, with Salim Moollan QC, an English-qualified barrister. 

"Among the world's highest ranked arbitration lawyers"
- Who's Who Legal

"[Gustavo] is an exceptionally gifted young lawyer. Outstanding in terms of cleverness and extent of knowledge. Very thorough and rigorous in his research and reasoning. His writing skills are remarkable."
-  GAR-winning international arbitrator

"Gustavo is a first-rate attorney. He is rigorous in his legal analysis, but at the same time understands the general context within which a legal issue arises. His approach is always smart and balanced."
-  Top-10 international arbitrator by number of appointments

"[Gustavo] knows the law and the procedure. Quick on his feet and deep in his analysis. Reliable, professional, and with remarkable communication skills."
-  Member of the Institut de Droit International 

"Superb arbitration experience. [Gustavo] masters the best practices and customs in this field. [He has] extensive knowledge of the main arbitration rules, as well as of the laws of Argentina, New York, France, and Switzerland."
-  Partner at a leading Argentinian law firm (Band 1 in Chambers & Partners for international arbitration) 

"Great team player. Gustavo has a keen capacity to understand the nuances of the case. Excellent research and networking [skills]."
-  Client in BIT investment arbitration


Extensive Global Network

Laborde Law has close ties with top law firms in all regions of the world.

This enables us to tailor ad hoc legal teams best suited to the specific needs of the client.

Whether in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia or Africa, Laborde Law will put together an eminent, responsive and personable legal team to deliver quality and cost-effective legal work. 

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